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Gymnastics FAQ

Often, there are a lot of questions parents and gymnast want to ask but dont know where to look, in this section we hope to answer those or point you to some sites that can help.

What does my daughter/son need now they are on the squad
First of all they will need the right clothing. For squad members we require them to wear a leotard. For the girls, shorts are generally worn in training but are optional. For the boys they will also require a pair of gym shorts and a pair of stirrups (often referred to as pommel pants or whites).

In addition, the gymnasts should have their own supply of chalk (available at reception) and when told by the coach a set of gloves and straps (bar loops) for high bar. The gloves are just standard wool gloves (with no padding etc). Straps (bar loops) can be purchased from but ask your coach what size they require. The may also be asked to get bar guards and ring guards which again can be got from gymnastics express.

What competitions do the Boys do?
Where can I learn about what my child is doing?
How can I help?
In a million different ways. If you feel like coming down on the floor and help we will be so grateful. Several of our coaches were parents who were bored sitting in a cold club and started assisting the coaches. If that doesn’t sound good then maybe you would like to learn to be a judge, go on a small course and then help at competitions for us as we always need judges. Still not feeling it then just please help out we are always looking out for people who can help out around the building, anything you can do would be much appreciated.