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Trampolining Coaching Team

The following coaches & club officers volunteer their spare time to Birkenhead Trampoline Club. Without them we would not have a club!!!

Dr Cathy Page MBE

Cathy with her Olympic TorchHead Coach, Club Treasurer, High Performance Coach Trampoline, Club Coach DMT, National Judge

Cathy co-founded Birkenhead Trampoline Club with Dave Rankin in 1975 and competed for the club during the 70s and 80s. She finished 12th in Britain at the height of her competetive career and has since coached many Birkenhead Trampoline Club competitors to Great British International level. Cathy received an MBE in 2001 for services to trampolining in the North-West of England and for helping the homeless. In 2012 Cathy had the enormous responsibility of carrying the Olympic Torch through the streets of Birkenhead!

Sarah Madge

Sarah has been coaching since she was 14. She is Currently under taking her Performance coach course and is Current England DMT Squad Coach.

Sarah Coaches our Elite squad 5 times a week

She is a Level 3 trampoline, Level 3 Dmt Coach Level 2 women’s artistics, Level 1 pre-school gymnastics and a Level 3 free running coach!.

Phil O'sullivan

Phil has Been coaching for the club for many years now originally starting at our satalite club as a trampolinist and moving through his coaching qualifications .

He now heads up the trampoline Development Squad

He has his Level 3 Trampoline , Level 3 Trampoline and Level 3 DMT .

Michelle Williams

Senior Club Coach Trampoline & DMT

Michelle joined Birkenhead Trampoline Club as a competitor and went on to qualify as a coach passing various examinations in both trampoline & DMT disciplines to become Senior Club Coach in both. At the height of her competitive career Michelle was an A grade competitor.

Michelle Coaches our elite 1 a week and our development squad She is also one of our Preschool coaches

Peter Herron

Senior Club Coach Trampoline, National Judge Trampolining, International Judge DMT

Peter has coached at Birkenhead Trampoline Club for around 30 years and was North-West Judging Secretary for over 20 years and was formerly the National Judging Secretary. Peter has given up many weekends to take Birkenhead squad members to competitions over the years and regularly judges at competitions.


Hilary Jones

Senior Club Coach Trampoline, Club Judge

Hilary has been coaching and competing for Birkenhead Trampoline Club for over 10 years.



Mary Osborne

Senior club coach

Mary has run sessions in Ellesmere Port as well as competing for Birkenhead trampoline club.


Ryan Boddison

Club Coach Trampoline, Club Judge

Ryan joined Birkenhead Trampoline Club as a competitor and has since become a coach and judge.

Dawn Stirling

Assistant Welfare Officer, Club Coach Trampoline, Club Judge, First-Aider

Dawn has been an adult competitor for Birkenhead Trampoline Club since 1998 and won a regional Grade 4 competition at the height of her competitive career. She has been coaching since 2003.

Carl Sinnott

Senior Club Coach Trampoline, County Judge

Carl joined the club with the rest of his family in 2004. He competed for a short time but was hopeless so he is still training in the hope of one day competing again. To make up for it he has been coaching with Birkenhead Trampoline Club since 2006.


Sue Freeman

Club Chair

Sue coaches now and then for the club but spends a great deal of her time representing us as a judge, and usually the chair of a panel, at nearly all of the regional and national competitions throughout the country. She also delivers judging courses for BG.

Sue won 2009’s ‘club volunteer’ award at the NW annual awards event.

She recently published a book called ‘Trampolining (know the game)’ which is available from Amazon and Waterstones.

Abi Williams

Senior Club Coach Trampoline, Club Coach DMT

Abi joined Birkenhead Trampoline Club as a competitor in 1991 and has since progressed through several levels of coach course in both trampoline & DMT disciplines. She has passed her High Performance Coach qualification sports specific paper and has been coaching at Birkenhead Trampoline Club since 2000. Abi has bounced at the top national level through several changes in structure and is now a Fig B trampolinist. She has also competed at National Championships and represented the North-West of England at International level.

Abi coaches as and when she can as she has a young baby born in October 2007.

Sallie Sinnott

Senior Club Coach Trampoline,Club Coach DMT, Club Judge, First-Aider

Sallie joined Birkenhead Trampoline Club with her husband Carl and their 2 children in 2004. With a lot of hard work she gained Gym Mark accreditation for Birkenhead Trampoline Club and has taken part in a Senior Club Coach Course for trampolining. Sallie has also gained her Club Coach DMT qualification.

Nicola Williams

Senior Club Coach Trampoline, Club Judge

Nicola joined Birkenhead Trampoline Club as a competitor in 1990 and reached National Championships at the height of her competitive career. Nicola has coached for us since 1998 and started Birkenhead Trampoline Club tots sessions for 3-6 year olds in 2006.

Lynsey Steen

HPC Coach Trampoline and DMT, Club Judge, Display Choreographer, Freestyle Coach

Lynsey came to Birkenhead Trampoline Club from a gymnastic background. She is a qualified Sports Acrobatics Club Coach and Pre-school Gymnastics Coach. As a competitor Lynsey reached grade 2 in trampolining and has now been coaching for Birkenhead Trampoline Club since 2002.

Ken Todd (Deceased)

Senior Club Coach Trampoline, Regional Judge

Ken (or Mr Todd as most people called him) had been coaching at Birkenhead Trampoline Club for over 30 years. Ken was Treasurer, Chair & President of the North-West Trampoline Committee and received a Wirral Sports Council Lifetime Achievement Award for services to trampolining.

Unfortunately Ken died a couple of years ago. He is sadly missed by many of us at club.