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Success at Nationals 2015

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Last weekend five of our gymnasts travelled down to the GMAC centre in Birmingham to compete for the North West in the Mens Artistic National Setwork finals. These 5 boys had earned their place on the team at the North West Championships in September. On Friday, Aled, Ethan A, Ethan B, and Jack S,  helped to secure team gold in the Level 1 and Level 3 events. Some outstanding individual performances by the boys with Aled and Jack gaining a place in the top ten. On Saturday Jacob, competing at Level 2, also did a brilliant job and his team came home with a silver medal.  Individually Aled got gold on Rings, silver on High Bar, Ethan A also got silver on high bar. Jack got silver on pommel and gold in PPP whilst Jacob got bronze on PPP and gold on Floor. Brilliant results boys!


Adult Street Dance

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Adult Street Dance class over 25s at Rush dance studios coming soon starts on Friday 9th October 7:15 – 8:15

Mums, Dads, Nans, Grandads, All the single ladies, all the married ladies, All the single men, married from all over the place, tall, short, big, small, fit, unfit, experience (in dance), inexperienced (in dance) Mmm!

ALL WELCOME… You get my drift!

First half hour is based on warming up exercise then into an amazing fierce street routine which make you feel Amazing and sexy !!!

London Open 2015

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medalsLast weekend our boys headed down to London for the London Open -the largest Men’s Artistic event of the year with 536 competitors spread out over 4 days. We had a fantastic competition and  came back with a total of 10 medals (and they only give individuals medals to 1st place on each piece and the top three overall). In the club competition (based on the top 6 individual rankings in each age category) we came second overall – an amazing achievement. This is how they did :



Level1 U8
Joe 3rd overall, 2nd Floor, 4th Vault, 3rd Pbars 9th Rings and 1st Highbar
Mason 23rd overall, 2nd Vault, 6th Rings
Kyle 5th overall, 5th Floor, 1st Vault, 8th Pommel 5th Rings 9th Highbar

Level 1 9+
Jack 3rd overall, 1st Floor, 1st Pommel, 9th Rings, 8th Vault, 6th Pbars
Harry 32nd overall
Will 21st overall
Ethan B 28th overall

Level 2
Jacob 7th overall, 1st Pommel, 5th Floor, 9th Rings 2nd Vault

Level 3
Aled 5th overall, 2nd Pommel, 3rd Rings, 1st Pbars
Ethan A 14th overall, 1st Floor, 1st Highbar
James 38th overall

Success at Men’s North West Selection Trials

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This weekend our squad boys went to Wigan to compete in the North West 6 piece grades and selection trials.  All of them tried their hardest and showed some great skill and routines. Jack Sheppard (Level 1, 1st place), Ethan Billington (Level 1, 5th place), Jacob Ryan (Level 2, 3rd place), Ethan Adlard (Level 3, 4th place) and Aled Williams (Level 3, 1st place) all got on the North West team and will be competing at Nationals at the end of the year. All our Level 0’s would have made the North West team if there was one in that age group with Joe Hubbersty and Kyle Millar taking the 1st and 2nd places. Some individual successes include

Level 0

Joe Hubbersty: 1st floor, 1st pbars, 1st bar and 1st ppp

Kyle Millar  1st pommel , 3dr pbar, 2nd bar

Mason Woods  3rd floor

James Armstrong 2nd vault, 3rd pbar

Level  1

William Bell, 1st floor

Ethan Billington  2nd ppp

Jack Sheppard  2nd floor, 2nd pommel, 2nd vault, 2nd pbar 1st PPP

Level 2

Jacob Ryan 1st floor, 1st pommel, 3rd rings, 3rd ppp

Level 3

Ethan Adlard 1st floor, 3rd pommel, 2nd vault, 3rd bar

Aled Williams 1st rings, 1st vault, 2nd pbar

Neston Sets 2015

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Fantastic results at todays Neston Sets. Every gymnast worked really hard and we are so proud of all of them. We picked up 30 medals overall and won the overall trophy for the highest top ten combined scores!! We had the top five highest overall scores with William Bell getting the highest score of the day.
Here are the breakdown of medals….
Cecilia Lewis 1st floor
Poppy Garry 3rd floor, 1st vault
Freya O’Brien 2nd vault
Luca Vesey 3rd vault
Leah Maher 3rd vault
Rehan Chauhan 3rd floor
Jack Sheppard 1st floor, 2nd vault
Mia Davies 2nd floor
Bailey Hughes 2nd vault
Ebony Johnstone 3rd floor, 3rd vault
Aron Ryan 2nd floor, 1st vault
Amelia Turner 1st floor, 2nd vault
Archie Sheppard 1st vault
James Armstrong 1st vault
Kyle Millar 1st vault
Joe Hubberstey 1st floor, 3rd vault
Mason Woods 2nd vault
Rosie Wade 1st floor
William Bell 2nd floor, 1st vault
Ethan Billington 1st Floor, 2nd vault
Fynn Bennett 3rd floor, 1st vault11714482_926287264060920_657099518_n

Friday Sessions Cancelled Due to Gym Refurbishment

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Our fantastic gym refurbishment is going well 10891976_10152474426015989_4318715686846163632_nbut unfortunately it is going to take a little longer than expected so we will have to cancel all of Fridays sessions also. Things should be back to normal on Saturday

Meet our Team GB squad members off to Worlds

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This weekend two teamGBof our gymnasts, Ella Wilkinson and Bethany Williamson, are flying off to Daytona, Florida to represent Great Britain at the F.I.G. World Age Group Trampoline, Tumbling and DMT Championships in DMT (Double Mini Trampoline).  This event is the pinnacle of achievement for this sport and to be selected for your country a great honour. World Championships are split into two parts: World Championships and World Age Group Championships. The first is the senior event where the best in the world will be competing this week. The latter is for those gymnasts who are not yet seniors and is divided into several age groups 11-12, 13-14, 15-16 and 17-18.
Selections for the British squad are very rigorous. First Bethany and Ella had to compete at several Galas around the country in order to qualify for British Championships which were held at the Echo Arena in September.  Bethany came first in the Elite Level Women’s 15-16 age group with a staggering 9.3 point lead over second place. Ella, in the Elite 13-14 group put in a solid performance to claim bronze.  Most importantly this allowed both Bethany and Ella to attend the second trial for Worlds at Lilleshall (BG’s home) the weekend after. While we’re on the subject, Bethany’s sister, Lauren, also claimed gold in the Elite 17-18 category (unfortunately there were no places at World’s for that group so her opportunity to go was ended early).
At the second qualifying weekend they were put through their paces and had to show they could produce routines that were World class and that they could do this repeatedly. The next week was a long and nervous wait until the announcement came out the following Saturday. Fortunately they had impressed the selectors enough to be awarded a spot on the GB team! After that the hard work was far from over. They both had to return to Lilleshall for another weekend of training and a final “bootcamp” week during October half term to prepare. Now finally the girls have got their GB kit and will be heading down to Gatwick this weekend to fly out with the rest of the squad to Florida ready to compete next week.
We all hope you can join us in congratulating Ella and Bethany in their fantastic achievement and wish them a large GOOD LUCK for the coming week. Also big congratulations to the coaches at DRILL who got them there. Hopefully you can follow them, at least in spirit, although a lot of you would no doubt love to spend a week in Florida at the competition supporting them!
Once again GOOD LUCK Bethany and Ella.


Trampoline news : The League

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The weekend some of the trampoline squad went to a new type of competition called ‘The League’ which provides competition experience for those who are ‘elite’. It is a series of 4 competitions and then finals for the top 16 or so in each group. Not every group has 16.

On DMT we had a marvelous day on the Saturday.  Anna set the ball rolling by sticking her double full dismount and winning the Over 19 ladies. Matt followed up by completing his passes and winning Over 19 Men; Amy was in the next flight and won her 17/18 ladies and finally, Lucy followed up by winning the 13/14 girls. These were all in the top level of the league. Hopefully if they do this well in one more comp they should get into the finals in December.
In tramp – Sarah returned to competition and got through her routine 4 times (should only have been 3 but the ‘time of flight machine didn’t work for one of them so she had to repeat. ) She finished 7th
Phil also returned to competition after years out and finished 2nd  completing 3 respectable routines.
Later on Anna landed on the mat in the outbounce of her vol so finished 6th after a 3 whole points deduction. Matt completed 3 routines but was judged to have done 3 tucked double backs in his routine!!!! instead of one tucked, one piked and one straight. He finished 7th
On Sunday – Amy jumped well in a group with many of the elite 17/18 year olds and finished 8th and Lucy in the 13/14 group completed 3 sound routines and won.
So great results all round.
The next four  competitions are the British on 20/21 Sept in Liverpool with Beth, Lauren and Ella competing on mini;  next league in Perth , Scotland on 4/5 October and NW championships on 11/12 October.  The fourth is the 4 league  in Liverpool on Nov 1/2; It would be really good to have lots of helpers available to put out (Friday night) and away (Sunday afternoon) equipment for that. We will also need parents to record and marshall at the NW closed.

Pre-School Gymnastics

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Pre-school gymnastics sessions will start on 16th September 2014.. There is a 9.30 session every Tuesday for children from 18 months to their 3rd birthday and a 10.30 session every Tuesday for those between their 3rd birthday and starting school.. The cost is £4.50 per session.
To reserve a place, call us on 0151 652 3100