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Welcome to Birkenhead Comets

Cheerleading at Drill is one of our newest sports, but one that is thriving. In the past 6 months the squads have been invited to perform at the Liverpool marathon and the Olympic Flame journey. Cheerleading is the newest craze to sweep the UK due to the popularity of the sport in America and films such as ‘Bring it On’ and ‘High School Musical’. Cheerleading is a different way to have fun with friends whilst improving fitness and coordination. No previous experience is necessary to come along and have a go; we have both beginner and intermediate squads. We also enter the squads in competitions, both local regional ones and bigger European competitions. Competitive cheerleading is a lot different to what you would expect it to be – there are no pom poms!


Allstar cheerleading is a competitive team sport incorporating skills from several other disciplines such as gymnastics, dance, stunting and, of course, traditional cheerleading.  Allstar cheerleading squads do not cheer for other sports teams, they are the team! Allstar Cheerleading is a demanding sport!  Not only do athletes need to lift their fellow teammates and tumble all over the mat, but they have to smile and do it on the right count too.  Cheerleading routines are judged on several criteria including:  stunts, jumps, dance, and tumbling. Competition routines are typically 2 1?2 minutes in length. They are packed with stunts, dances, cheers, chants, and tumbling. Each element is perfectly choreographed to music.  Most teams have their music custom made for their routines.  At competitions, the teams are divided by age and ability level. The routines are judged based on difficulty, execution, creativity, and showmanship.



All the squads are coached with certified coaches in cheerleading and tumbling.

YOUTH Beginner Squad – Age 6-12, £5 per session

  • Wednesday 4:30-6
JUNIOR Level 1/2 Squad – Age 10-14, £5 per session
  • Monday 5:30 – 7
  • Wednesday 5 – 6:30
SENIOR level 2/3 Squad – Age 13+, £6.50 per session
  • Wednesday 5 – 7:30
  • Friday 4:30 – 7