Drill a venue for community based activities in Birkenhead, Grange Road West, Prenton, Wirral, CH43 4XE, 0151 652 3100 Contact Us. Registered Charity # 1156333



Drill is run completely by volunteers. Would you like to be part of the future of this organization?

The roles below range from 15 minutes to several hours per week.


· Drivers – hiring vehicles, driving, some lifting.

· Assistant coaches – for any discipline

· General admin – maintaining records, making calls etc.


· Cleaners – it’s a big centre, it needs a lot of people to keep it clean.

· Painters – from beginners to professionals, interior and exterior

· DIY maintenance – slightly more technical role replacing fixtures and fittings and general maintenance

· Grounds maintenance – keeping the exterior of the building safe and clean.

· Gardening – mowing, planting, maintenance.

· Construction – building things!

Business development and IT

· Press– find press worthy stories within drill, communicate with local and national publications, generally keep drill in the minds of the public.

· Events – anything from just helping out with the event to running one of the big ones, e.g. Grand open day

· Print – organise for creative art work to be printed and distributed or displayed.

· Creative design – graphic design for flyers etc

· Fundraising – anything from turning up and packing bags at Tescos’ to organising and running activities that generate revenue for drill.

· Leaflet posting – posting flyers through doors in the neighbourhood.

· Fundraising committee members – assist the fundraising manager in organising and running activities.

· IT/comms– generally to help us to deliver good it and telecommunication systems

Is there anything you do that would help us at Drill?

Any questions?

Please email info@drillgrangeroadwest.com or call 0151 652 3100 and leave a message for Andy McGinn