Drill a venue for community based activities in Birkenhead, Grange Road West, Prenton, Wirral, CH43 4XE, 0151 652 3100 Contact Us. Registered Charity # 1156333

About Us


Drill is a venue for community based activities in Birkenhead. The organization that manages the activities and the building is called Birkenhead Community Development Committee (BCDC).


BCDC was born out of the frustration of two gymnastics clubs who wanted to increase the numbers of children who could benefit from these activities but were prevented from doing so by small, temporary or unsuitable training facilities. They decided to form an organization to look together at acquiring a suitable training space for future gymnasts. They were alerted to the possibility of an ideal venue at Grange Road West (GRW). Wirral Council were looking to transfer the building off their asset list and have a local community group run it instead.

For the next two and a half years, BCDC met at each other’s houses and worked on the bid to become the new leaseholders at GRW. BCDC won the bid in December 2010, the building served its last council customer in March and the keys were handed to BCDC in August 2011.

Once we (BCDC) were in the building we decided to expand on our core activities because:

Many siblings didn’t want to do gym but either wanted to do dance or something related to music or art.
Adults wanted to have a way of getting involved in some form of gymnastics
Senior citizens were keen to have their own activities in the building
Although we had a dedicated gymnastics space, we also had a large dance studio, a smaller studio and several offices that all needed to be used for the community


The BCDC board is made up entirely of volunteers

Steve Wilson (Architect)
Andy McGinn (Sales and Marketing Manager)
Simon Frost (Property Developer)

The people who really make drill work are the committee. There are 15 members of the committee including an accountant, a buildings inspector and a number of teachers and coaches.