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Jamfest Europeans

US Finals

It was time to return to the Echo Arena for the Jamfest European competition. This time there were high stakes for both squads – a qualification and bid to the US Finals! The US Finals is the ultimate competition for lower levels in cheerleading. The top level cheerleaders have ‘Worlds’ competition, all other levels can qualify for the US Finals. This is an invite only competition based on final score and ranking at certain qualifying competitions, Jamfest Europe was a qualifying competition.

The junior squad went first and unfortunately the enormity of the event, as well as their nerves, got the better of them. They did perform a good routine with no falls or mishaps but they didn’t get the required score to qualify for the US Finals. The senior team went out onto the competition mat determined not to let the bid slip through their fingers. They performed the most amazing routine we have ever seen them do and not only hit a perfect routine but also qualified for a bid to the US Finals next April in Florida. The squad are now working hard at fundraising to get them to the event.