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Bath Gala

Another successful weekend at the latest Gala in Bath this weekend.

Chloe – jumped magnificently to finish 4th in the Under 15 Girls (Nat C). She qualified for Nationals and got a promotion offer to Fig B
Bethan completed her new vol in the Under 15 girls (Fig B) and was second going into the final but didn’t manage to repeat it in the final so dropped a few places.
Anna – completed both routines but didn’t manage to qualify
Jacob – completed 3 routines, finished 4th but didn’t manage to qualify
Sean – had a crisis of confidence when seeing the standard of his peers in the U19 Fig B competition and crashed on his vol

Synchro –
Sean and Jacob completed two routines and finished 2nd in the Under 19 boys synchro
Bethan and Bethany Williamson finished 3rd in the Under 15 Girls synchro
Amy Catherall and Charlie Simms finished 8th in the U19 girls synchro
All got points towards competing at Nationals

Matt Burton – qualified for Nationals and won the over 19 Nat C and got promotion to Fig B
Anna Mackie – qualified for Nationals and got promotional offer and finished 4th
Jacob Chan – qualified for Nationals and got promotional offer and won the U19 Nat C
Amy Catherall – had already qualified for Nationals did so again and finished 2nd
Hanna Moses – qualified for Nationals and was second in the Fig A ladies
Bethan Williams – won the under 15 Fig B – she had previously qualified for Nationals.
Charlie Simms and Sean both dropped a pass so didn’t qualify for Nationals.