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Neston Sets 2015

Fantastic results at todays Neston Sets. Every gymnast worked really hard and we are so proud of all of them. We picked up 30 medals overall and won the overall trophy for the highest top ten combined scores!! We had the top five highest overall scores with William Bell getting the highest score of the day.
Here are the breakdown of medals….
Cecilia Lewis 1st floor
Poppy Garry 3rd floor, 1st vault
Freya O’Brien 2nd vault
Luca Vesey 3rd vault
Leah Maher 3rd vault
Rehan Chauhan 3rd floor
Jack Sheppard 1st floor, 2nd vault
Mia Davies 2nd floor
Bailey Hughes 2nd vault
Ebony Johnstone 3rd floor, 3rd vault
Aron Ryan 2nd floor, 1st vault
Amelia Turner 1st floor, 2nd vault
Archie Sheppard 1st vault
James Armstrong 1st vault
Kyle Millar 1st vault
Joe Hubberstey 1st floor, 3rd vault
Mason Woods 2nd vault
Rosie Wade 1st floor
William Bell 2nd floor, 1st vault
Ethan Billington 1st Floor, 2nd vault
Fynn Bennett 3rd floor, 1st vault11714482_926287264060920_657099518_n