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Trampoline news : The League

The weekend some of the trampoline squad went to a new type of competition called ‘The League’ which provides competition experience for those who are ‘elite’. It is a series of 4 competitions and then finals for the top 16 or so in each group. Not every group has 16.

On DMT we had a marvelous day on the Saturday.  Anna set the ball rolling by sticking her double full dismount and winning the Over 19 ladies. Matt followed up by completing his passes and winning Over 19 Men; Amy was in the next flight and won her 17/18 ladies and finally, Lucy followed up by winning the 13/14 girls. These were all in the top level of the league. Hopefully if they do this well in one more comp they should get into the finals in December.
In tramp – Sarah returned to competition and got through her routine 4 times (should only have been 3 but the ‘time of flight machine didn’t work for one of them so she had to repeat. ) She finished 7th
Phil also returned to competition after years out and finished 2nd  completing 3 respectable routines.
Later on Anna landed on the mat in the outbounce of her vol so finished 6th after a 3 whole points deduction. Matt completed 3 routines but was judged to have done 3 tucked double backs in his routine!!!! instead of one tucked, one piked and one straight. He finished 7th
On Sunday – Amy jumped well in a group with many of the elite 17/18 year olds and finished 8th and Lucy in the 13/14 group completed 3 sound routines and won.
So great results all round.
The next four  competitions are the British on 20/21 Sept in Liverpool with Beth, Lauren and Ella competing on mini;  next league in Perth , Scotland on 4/5 October and NW championships on 11/12 October.  The fourth is the 4 league  in Liverpool on Nov 1/2; It would be really good to have lots of helpers available to put out (Friday night) and away (Sunday afternoon) equipment for that. We will also need parents to record and marshall at the NW closed.