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North West Championships 2013

After a very successful (but long weekend) at the North West Championships, here are some of the results.

Ladies- Amy and Charlie- Champions
Girls- Chloe and Lucy- Champions
Men- Matt and Chris- Champions

O15 Ladies- Charlie 2nd, Amy 3rd, Team 1st
O15 Men- Matt 5th
U15 Girls- Ella 2nd with Lucy and Chloe also making the final. Team medal
U15 Boys- Iain made the final
U12 Boys- Jordan made the final

Individual Trampoline:
O19 Ladies- Rebecca 5th, Anna 6th
O19 Men- Matt 4th
U19 Girls- Amy 2nd, Charlie 3rd
U15 Girls- Chloe 2nd, Ella 5th, team medal with Lucy

Elite Trampoline:
Ladies- Amy and Charlie made the final and team medal with Anna
Men- Matt 6th
Girls- Chloe 3rd and Ella made the final and team medal with Lucy and Cara

Sorry to those that have may been missed out, but congratulations to all competitors, coaches and volunteers. A fantastic weekend!!
However, the performance of the day came from a very special person…