Drill a venue for community based activities in Birkenhead, Grange Road West, Prenton, Wirral, CH43 4XE, 0151 652 3100 Contact Us. Registered Charity # 1156333



Adult Gymnastics

Adult gymnastic sessions run on Tuesday evenings from 8.00 pm to 9.30 pm. It’s a great way to improve fitness, learn new skills and find out what your kids are talking about when they have been to their sessions. The sessions cater to complete starters through to ex-gymnasts who want to regain their skills!

The cost is £5 per session. Advance booking isn’t required.




Our highly Successful Trampoline program means drill is home to two of the GB DMT (Double mini trampoline ) team members .


Free Running


Freerunning sessions on a Friday night…

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Drill is a venue for community based activities in Birkenhead. The organization that manages the building and its activities is called Birkenhead Community Development Committee (BCDC). You can find out more here. To contact us call us on 0151 652 3100 or click here

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